Asphalt Paving Services

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At Jireh Contracting, we have employed knowledgeable and well-skilled employees to provide quality work. We have the ability to handle any size project from a small patch repair to a large paving project. Invested millions of dollars in purchasing the right equipment with the newest technology to ensure proficiency and smooth ride-ability.

We do:

  • Private Parking Lots & Roads
  • Churches
  • Commercial Shopping Centers, Warehouse, and Offices
  • Retail Box Stores
  • HOA’s, and Apartment Complex
  • Federal Facilities & Local Government Parking Lots, and Roads
  • City, County, and State Roadways for the Department of State
  • New Construction for General Contractors
  • Airports
  • National Park Services

What are some Types of Asphalt Paving?

Asphalt Surface Mill & Overlay Patch Repair is considered a 1.5” to 2.0” inch removal of the existing surface layer.
After the existing surface layer is removed with a milling machine, a clean up crew will then sweep the milled surface area.
Tack coat will then be placed on the clean milled surface as a bond agent before the new asphalt is placed and compacted.

Asphalt Full Depth Patching Repair is a similar procedure to the Surface Patch Repair. Full Depth repairs are utilized for an asphalt complete structural system. The removal could range from 4” to 6” inches. Depending on the condition of the area, it may have to be removed down to the aggregate base. This will be more durable, and long-lasting repair for the foundation.

Mill & Overlay are larger areas where again, similar procedure like removing 1.5” to 2.0” inches and paving it back in place. This is recommended if whole parking lot or street needs to be replaced.

Asphalt Overlay is when the existing asphalt surface is showing minor cracking, but still not showing enough signs to consider a total replacement. We would perform an edge mill and apply a new asphalt layer over the existing layer.

We have a variety of attachments for our trenching and shoulder widening projects. Enabling us to meet your requirements.

If you have further questions about your paving needs? Please don’t hesitate to give us a call and discuss your paving project. We can discuss budgets, provide planning, and visit your site project.

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